Can someone explain why I'm getting notifications for this guy?

I have Cam plus enabled on my video doorbell along with person detection and have enabled detection zones. For some reason I’m getting notifications even though the area this guy is in is blocked off. This doesn’t seem to be limited to the video doorbell either. I have a v3 cam in a different location that seems to have similar issues as well. Is something not configured correctly on my side?

I don’t have the doorbell, but I have read some complaints about the doorbell detection zone not working correctly. Some say it’s rotated, so maybe try blocking a diffrent part off?

Also, if there’s any overlap at all with the active detection area, it will record and tag it.

You could try blocking off the entire area, see if you still get it, then if not slowly open more space up and see where it works.


I would love to ask @WyzeShawn about this. Maybe in an AMA or something. It does seem like you blocked it off well.


those detection zones dont work, never have. ive never got them to work. I have a tree limb (in a couple of places), and have turned the detection zone on, marked it so the tree limbs are not going to create a false positive (on two separate cameras, two different separate cameras), and i still get the notifications. Now bear in mind, ive been trying to get that to work for a couple of years, then tried it when i got my new outdoor v1’s, and same thing, still gets triggered regardless of the detection zone setup… im pretyt much done with this company… and heres why:

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