Can only connect to camera on home network

My v2 Wyze Cam can only be accessed when on the home network it was set up on. I am running a separate network in the same home and have found that it times out Error 27 when attempting to access from that network. Also, I have tried accessing over LTE cell and on two other remote networks with no success. They all time out with the error code 27.

I have hard reset the camera twice and have deleted it and set it up twice in the app all with the same results. Also, I have set it up on the other network in my house and it does the same thing. It will only allow camera access on the network I’m setting it up on. I have another V2 that is working and allowing remote access from other networks and on LTE, so I’m guessing this is a camera specific issue. Firmware is up to date running as of Aug 10, 2019.

I’m out of ideas. HELP!

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