Can I "undelete" my home? Or rebuild without being present?

I was setting up devices in a second (my mom’s) house.

I thought that a “house” was just another way of organizing groups of devices.

In the process of experimenting, I deleted a “house”, which turned out to be MY (original) house, and all my devices disappeared. (But I still see my mom’s devices, which are shared with me).

Anyway, I am traveling and would like to undelete my house. Is that possible?

If not…

Again, I am traveling - Is there anyway to rebuild the “house” (add the devices, back into my app) without being physically present?


What devices were deleted? Cameras? Where they ina group? If you delete a camera group, it’ll just dump your cameras from that group back onto the home page. It won’t delete them from your account. You’d have to delete each camera individually from your account.

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Everything was deleted. The entire “house” - everything. (a total of 4 devices).

My big problem is that I won’t be back at the house for a few weeks - so I’m trying to figure if I can restore the “house” or set it up again, without being physically present.


You must be physically present to add a device. What is odd to me is how you kept shared devices. Usually they are on the same list, your devices AND the shared devices. There is no “Home” selection under Wyze, just a list of devices you have access to.

If you deleted a group that was named “house” the devices would have just dumped from that group back onto the home page, as @Omgitstony said.

So need more info, I think.

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@Bill-NM , I don’t what What you’re referring to when you mention “house”. A group of devices? A monitoring service? A whole account? Can you please explain more what you mean when you refer to “house”.

As I asked earlier, what devices were deleted? Were they in a group? Did you delete a group, then did you delete every item that was in that group individually?

I am with @Newshound , need more information


I thought a person could add multiple homes, so as to be able to categorize devices by which HOME they are in.

I thought that made sense as GROUPS only allows a selection of the same kinds of devices (cameras for example), meaning there is no way to group a set of different kinds of devices, unless, I assumed, they are grouped under a HOME.

Anyway, that was all wrong, and in the confusion, I deleted my actual HOME, which at the time I didn’t realize would delete all the devices in that HOME. Since I deleted MY home, the other shared devices stayed in the list.

Well as I found out, HOME actually means all the devices in your house. It is NOT a “group” - but - I kinda think it should be - so a person can group devices by, well, whose house they are in, but that’s not possible, as far as I can tell.

I’d like to see two (or more if more family members share devices with me) basic “groups” on the “home page”:

My house
Friend’s house

etc etc.

And then under those, groups/devices/etc.

Account > Home is used for Wyze Home Monitoring System (HMS). Those pages are the same as found at Monitoring (tab at bottom) > Home Monitoring Settings > Home Information. Do you have an HMS subscription or HMS Hub?

Account > Home is not related to device grouping. We currently are not able to group by location, group dissimilar devices and enter multiple HMS “homes”. Those features currently exist as wishlist topics. The 1st topic’s status indicates that it is currently being developed:

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