Can Wyze toggle between two home tabs?

I haven’t decided and I’m still looking for answers before entering Wyze ecosystem.

I understand that you can add devices from different locations as long as they are connected to wifi, but

  1. Do Wyze give the option to create two “Home” under the same acccount, so you can assign devices to a specific home group, and toggle between the homes(like Google Home) to see specific assigned devices? (instead having all devices on the same page)

  2. Do Wyze work in restricted areas? Say if I travel to China would I still be able to view my cameras and control devices in NA? (Asking this because certain Google features are blocked in Mainland China)

As for #1, you can create two groups of cameras - one for each home.

No information on #2.

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The reason some Google and Facebook features are blocked in Mainland China is freedom of speech related. I doubt Wyze services fall into that category. Not sure about Wyze Forum though.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @Dsien!

You can only have one “Home” in each account. All of your installed devices are within that single home, regardless of their physical location.

As @K6CCC noted, you do have the ability to create device groups for each location. However, since Wyze device groups do not allow for grouping of different types of devices into the same group, you would need to create a sperate device group for each type of device at each home. If the Wyze device type you have is not on the Group List, it can’t be grouped.

Here are the device groups that can be created:

As for your second question, that would really depend on the internet restrictions of the country to which you travel. There have been reports in the past of certain international IP blocks being blacklisted for severe hacker activity, but those are not published and are implemented as needed by Wyze Security to keep the servers safe. You would most likely need to contact by email to get an answer specific to where you are traveling.

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