Multiple homes - can you group cameras?

I have 2 homes and a business that I have wyze cameras in. Currently all the cameras in the app are combined making it very hard to quickly access the individual locations. Is there a way to group cameras together? For instance "House 1 " would list all cameras in Michigan home “house 2” would list cameras in Florida.

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Yes you can group cameras like this:
Edit: They need to update the support link!
Hers how on the “new” app:
Tap the “:heavy_plus_sign:” then select the “device group”. That’s where you can group the cameras .

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Yep! You can multiple groups of the same device type. One thing that’s a bummer is that at the present you can’t group multiple device types together in one group. So you can’t group house 1 cameras, and house 1 sensors and house 1 bulbs into “House 1”. You’ll need to do “#1 cameras”, #1 sensors" and so on. Wishlist alert! Go vote! :slight_smile:


Many thanks and I vote GO.

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Made no sense I vote yes!