Camera location group

I like that you can group items together like wyze color bulbs. It would be awesome to take it a step further with groups. Allow us to add locations. Like house 1 and house 2. Then all devices at that location are grouped neatly together. Just a thought and should be easy to add.

Do mean something like: house-1 > group-1 and group-2; and then also house-2 > group-1 and group-2? In both cases where group-1 and group-2 are sub-groups under the house group?

I would like to be able to put groups into other groups as well. I have the need for location but I would also like to put groups of my color bulbs into a master group. For example, All Bulbs ← Bedroom, living room, etc.

I agree that ‘location’ groups are highly desirable. I have Wyze devices in three different homes and the device groups don’t cut it. Most of the other smart device apps (thermostat, water heater, garage door, climate sensors, etc) that I use have a location feature.