Allow all devices to be grouped by type or location

Group devices by type or location. Home screen is messy with things not grouped.

Thus all door locks etc. could be grouped together on the home screen and not scrolled through when looking for something else.

OR allow devices to be grouped together regardless of type. Thus the home screen could be organized by the location, so that cameras, thermostat and locks at a particular property would be in a group together.

Click the + in the upper left corner. Select “Add Device Group”. Then “Camera Group”. Give it a name and add the desired cameras. Save.

As @K6CCC mentioned above, you can group by type but unfortunately, not by location.

Try grouping locks.

Arlyn Naegle (Mobile)

Try to group locks or thermostats. My home screen is loaded with these items and no way to logically group them.

I only have cameras and a few outlets (which do group).

Currently you can create groups for these devices:

Thus the request.

Arlyn Naegle (Mobile)