PLEASE add Device Grouping by type

I have many Wyze devices and would like to be able to group them by type, ie, Smart Plugs, Smart Bulbs, Cameras, etc…it would be fantastic to not have to scroll through them all…THANK YOU, WUZE!!!

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What you are asking is already available in the Wyze app. You can group most of the devices into Groups by device type.
Start from the Home screen, click the “+“ in the upper left corner, then click “Add Device Group” in the popup menu. This will give you another menu of devices you can group together.

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Hi @dawkind, welcome to he community! This is already an option. I will leave a link below on how to do this.


Thank you and it works wonderfully!!!

I’m a Wyze enthusiast and if the thermostat was able to use 120v I’d have already ordered one! I might add a sprinkler system just to use your controller…love the vac, by the way.

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