UI refresh - better grouping of devices

Suggestion - app needs to be able to separate smart device types on the initial device screen. Ie) bulbs, sensors, switches. I have many pages of devices and scrolling through the entire list every time is a PITA.

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The Wyze app currently provides a grouping feature:

Grouping of Wyze Switches isn’t currently supported, but it’s in the works. Please vote on this feature here:


Do you mean an automatic form of grouping?

If so, I don’t feel that is much of a necessity for the app. On how many instances are you going to be adding a bulk of new devices? The manual grouping @Seapup mentioned seems like a good enough solution to this.

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You can also sort the order of the devices so the most-used are at the top of the list, and the least-used are at the bottom of the list. :slight_smile: