Groups of Groups for Organization

Could the Wyze app allow grouping of devices and groups into a single group? I’d like this for organization since I have so many devices. For me these groups don’t need any additional functionality, just reduce home screen clutter and scrolling. I’d rather tap an extra time than scroll.

Example: I have two groups of bulbs with 2 bulbs in each. I’d like to add those two groups to an umbrella group that includes two plugs.

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Makes sense for those who have a ridiculous number of items. Voted on their behalf.

However, there are still reports that grouping cameras leads to less stability.

Yes I would like this also to organize multiple properties. I have many devices at multiple properties and would like to group devices together to keep them organized.

Same here. I have a lot of devices. My example is that I’d like to group bulbs especially by floors. For example, I’d like to group all bulbs in the main floor which already contain other bulb groups.


Grouping smaller groups of lights together

Hello! So I’ve bought the light strip pro and many color bulbs to sync up with them. It would be nice if you could group your smaller groups of lights together into one big group…lets call it party mode. Anytime we want to have a little dance party i have to go through and manually change all of my bulbs into one big group. The technology is great in theory, but lagging in the software department. I have so many wyze products now that using the app the way it is, well, it’s not user friendly at all. Come on wyze lets make it better!

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I think you can do some of that nesting with scenes and groupings in Alexa?