Add device group for climate sensor

Please add device group capability for the climate sensors.

Mod Note: As of app version 2.28 this is now launched

Agreed. I have the same issue


This would be great. I voted for it too.
I love seeing all these climate sensors at the same time so I can see the differences around my house (and I put one outside to compare it to), and being able to move them all into a group to take up less space on the home screen tab and be more organized would be really nice.


here here! Doesn’t make any sense ot me why this function is not available. I mean the leak sensors get it, the motion and contact sensors get the feature. What is the difference here why would the climate ones not get it? My device bar is already too clunky as it is without having to add another 3-6 lines to scroll…


Just added these climate sensors and I love being able to see the differences around the house but man, have they cluttered up my Home Screen real estate.

Please add a climate sensor device group!


Thanks for your wishlist item, went to add a group and no group to be found.


Please allow for climate sensor groups in the Wyze app.

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I can’t even believe we have to ask for this. Sorry, I’m a supporter and own A LOT of Wyze devices…BUT COME ON WYZE!


Hey all, It’s me again. Wanted to give you an update on this one. We initially thought it would be best to leave the climate sensors on the front page for better visibility to the data, and thought that grouping would make it harder to get to the actual information, therefore causing the experience to be suboptimal. Regardless, we should’ve provided that option to begin with to allow you to use the device the way you want to. To correct that mistake, you’ll be seeing the grouping option come up in one of the upcoming app updates. Apologies about the miss and want you all to know that it’s going to added soon.


thats sweet a reply on here. I don’t see that too often and thank you for it. I see the logic behind the decision but ultimately i think letting people have the option is optimal. Now lets geta response on those 3 in 1 sensors for the thermostat! :stuck_out_tongue:


I too want to express my thanks for this well-thought out explanation, response, and action. This is a great way to handle such situations and we appreciate it.

I agree they are great to see on the home page, and I would leave them there if I only had a few Wyze devices, but when I have well over a hundred devices, they suddenly become clutter which make it harder for me to find and reach the things I’m looking for in the moment. So adding a device group as an option will help people like me who want to reduce the clutter, while still allowing others to keep them on the home screen if they want. Everyone wins. I personally usually go to the monitoring tab and look at the environment section if I want an overview of how my house is doing…though I would like to remove a couple of sensors from that section since I use some outside or in locations that will throw off the house average. :wink:

Anyway, thanks again for understanding and committing to this option for those of us who would prefer it.


Thanks “dchou”!

It’s like you read my thoughts @carverofchoice :mage:t4:

Thank You for the information and upate @Dchou

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I agree - I use a lot of Wyze devices, and I would prefer a separate group.

Also, just installed my first Wyze switch and do not see a device group for those.

I can see the case for leaving some things on the main device list but would like the option to group because I rarely use some devices but look at or use others very frequently.


Related feature request: show all the sensors in a group on the same graph

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any word on this update? I still don’t see the option to group these.

This is exactly what I want. Reason being, I’m monitoring several location’s climate and want to group each location’s sensors together.

Is there any update on when the climate sensor group will be available? I have a climate sensor in each room and not being able to group them makes a mess of my home screen.

Also it would be great if we had an option to create groups with our choice of devices in them like in the Alexa app. It is a pain to have to go to multiple groups to see all the devices in a certain room. I want to be able to have a room called kitchen, or livingroom for example that I can see every device in that room (cameras, bulbs, plugs, sensors etc)

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This climate sensor grouping is currwntly being tested in the current beta release.

You can join the beta testing to see it if you wish. Go here to Join: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

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Thank you and I am a beta tester, however the group is not working.

See attached screenshots error code 1000