Allow sensors to be added to groups

This topic is requesting the ability to add Wyze Sense sensors to groups in the Wyze app. The sensor could either be excluded from inclusion in the multi camera view or at user option, be included with display only of the sensor status.

Including sensors in groups could be used to consolidate the display of large numbers of sensors in the Home screen.

Groups should be able to contain a mix of cameras and sensors of any type.

Would or is it possible to group the sensors with the prospective camera via the app?


It would make the most sense to allow sensors of both types and cameras to be in the same group. You might, for example, have a group for “Kitchen” which includes a camera, motion sensor, and door and window contact sensors that are located in the kitchen.


Assuming I add a number of sensors, grouping is necessary to organize the display screen. Should also consider sub-groups to allow multiple sensors/cameras by individual rooms.


Yes it should not make a deference the devices type is for a group. that way it can be by location or zones.

What stage of testing is this in? The current beta version seems different than this request since you can’t mix sensors and cameras.

It’s in beta, but as you point out, only grouping within device type silos. I believe mixed grouping is coming in an upcoming beta release.


For clarification, would the group ON/OFF switch activate the sensors so that notifications can be left ON ?