Better Notifications on Wyze Sense Contact Device

The new Wyze Sense Bridge and Contact Device are great. I purchased 2 starter sets and have installed 1 bridge and the 4 contact sensor on that one Bridge. All went reasonably well. There is any issue with 2 V2 cameras daisy chained and installing the Bridge in the final camera. Bridge would not connect.
A more serious problem for the long run is with Notifications. With the Cameras you can set a time of day where the camera reports events. With the contact sensor this appears to be missing, or at least I can’t find it. I use the contact sensor on outside doors and only want them active in the evening and at night just like I can on the cameras.
Furthermore, with the reporting model for the Contact Sensors requiring that you go and look at each one separately it limits the reasonable number of contact sensors one can use. I clearly wouldn’t want one on each window and have to sort through 35 sensors.

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Please report this issue by completing the support request in the app’s Account > Help & Feedback section.

Toggle of Sense notifications is being added to the Shortcuts feature which will in turn provide for their scheduling. See these two posts: On/Off Toggles/Schedule for Wyze Sense sensors and

The ability to group sensors is in testing. See this post for more info: Allow sensors to be added to groups