Would like to control Wyze devices at two separate locations served by separate routers. Need ideas

I would like to control Wyze cameras at home and Wyze plugs located at a remote location (other than my home). Since these devices are connected through different routers, how do I go about this? I don’t see any options or obvious ways in the app to do this. The only way I think this might work is to create two separate Wyze accounts, one for home devices, the other for the remote devices, but then, would I need to run two separate apps from the same control device (tablet/phone)? I don’t know if that’s even possible. Would appreciate any suggestions…

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Just add all devices to one account. I’m currently simultaneously streaming cams that are located in 4 different geographical regions. Devices on the same network as your phone/tablet will be directly connected. Devices outside of your network will seamlessly/transparently connected.


If you are adding many devices to one account and you wish to better organize the resulting clutter on the Wyze app home page, you can create device groups. For example, you can create a Plug group for Location 1 and another group for Location 2. You can’t however create a location group with a mix of device types… groups can only contain same device type. Let us know if you need help.

For example: This shows a partial list of groups that contain a total of over 50 cams in 4 locations. Some of these groups contain cams on different networks, yet each group can display 4 cams simultaneously when phone/tab is in landscape mode:


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll try your suggestions, it’s great to know that the solution may be simpler than I thought…


Yeah ditto. I’m thinking of doing something similar and I’m glad you brought this topic up. My Thanks go out to both you and @Seapup


Different Wyze devices don’t care what the WiFi SSID is as long as it is the SSID that they used for setup. I have cameras and switches on five different SSIDs at my house. Yes, I can give an explanation on why I did that if desired.


Well, it was as simple as you indicated. I had a bit of trouble pairing at first, perhaps the WiFi signal strength was not optimal but it should have been. Every time I initiated a pairing by plugging in the Wyze Plug (as indicated by the app) always resulted in a failed attempt to pair with the message “stay close to the plug” or something to that effect. My cell phone was only inches away from the plug so the bluetooth pairing should have worked. I was only able to get them to pair after pressing the power button on the plug for a few seconds, which may have reset it. Thanks for the advice.

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For anyone else reading this, the app will search for the router at a given location when a device is configured and store that information and password so that it remains attached to that remote device regardless of where the control device is located (cell phone, tablet). Seems obvious now that it should be that way…

Yes, you have to be at that location to add your camera, but after that the app couldn’t care less where the camera is. :slight_smile:

The way it works is actually the camera stores the connectivity info to the router, and feeds the live stream to Wyze servers for relay to you on any authorized external requests when you are not on the same network to receive it direct (normally, live feeds do not leave your network).

On the Plug, before pairing you definitely need to be near the Plug. Bluetooth is only local. But after you get the Plug or camera set up, you can be anywhere in the world (depending on local ‘port or protocol’ filtering at your remote location, which happens rarely).


Also, concerning location and blue tooth settings, when setting up a cam on my local network, the app required both of those to be on in my phone’s app settings. But after cam set up was complete I turned off location and blue tooth permissions for the app and it appears to be working fine.

Am I missing anything when I do that? I’m interested in turning off as many app permissions as I can without losing key functionality. If I want to set up cams in a remote location that I won’t be able to readily access physically thereafter. once I leave them that will likely be the last time I will be within touching distance of them. So I’m finding your help super helpful.

Let me guess - you’re using an iOS device. Apple requires a bunch of that crap.


You need Bluetooth for the 2021 Plug setup, Wyze Band & Watches, Floor Lamp, Buds, etc, but you shouldn’t need Bluetooth turned on for the cams. So on some products you need Bluetooth on, but you shouldn’t on the cameras. It is fine to leave it off unless you are trying to talk to one of the Bluetooth products. My Bluetooth is always on so it automatically pairs with my car.

On Location, you need that whenever you use schedule on the 2021 Plugs (time zone, I think), use location-based Rules, when you need to look at a local network list (Apple requires you give location permission to see a network list because your location can now be identified from such a list), etc. In the case of camera setup, you shouldn’t need that there either. The old V1 Plugs and Bulbs needed it turned on to see the little stand-alone network they generated for setup, but they are Bluetooth setup now.

So unclear why you need either for installing a camera, but yes, you can turn them off. The app will always let you know when it needs one of them turned on again. :slight_smile:

It didn’t make sense to me either, but require app level permissions for blue tooth and location access upon installation of a new cam it did. I assumed it might have something to do with the time of day scheduling feature but I had both permissions turned off for cams before then to no detriment as far as i could tell. I appreciate the confirmation.

Thanks again.

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