1. Multiple "Homes" 2. "Groups" that include ALL Wyse Products

Please excuse the rather lengthy descriptions below. Being an engineer in a past life I tend to get rather detailed.

  1. Is there a way to create multiple “HOMES” on the same account?

I have 2 houses I spend time at and have multiple Wyse products at each. It would be great to be able bring up the specific “Home” I want to see/change the configuration for devices installed at that home.

  1. Is there a way that ALL Wyse devices (cameras, sensors, plugs, etc.) can be included in a separate “Group” so a RULE can be set for every device in that group?

This would be great to “turn-on/turn-off” individual capabilities of multiple devices in the group such as motion, notifications, etc. instead of the existing process of creating a separate device based “group” for each product (i.e. cameras, sensors, plugs) and configuring the specific capabilities there.

This would simplify the process immensely and be a very powerful tool for those with the same or similar needs.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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