Can I operate two cameras near each other?

I am trying to install a new v3 camera near an existing v3. I cannot seem to run both at the same time. Any suggestions?

How are you trying to run them?
Do they each have their own power adapter and cord?
Are you using a splitter?
Are you using a long 3rd party cord?

I have several cameras running right next to each other. It can absolutely be done.

I’m guessing chances are that you have a power issue. Each V3 camera needs to receive at least 1Amp of power. If they are splitting an adapter or something, it’s likely one isn’t getting enough power. If you’re using a really long 3rd party cord, it’s likely losing too much power before it gets to the camera. You can compensate for this with a different adapter or other things, but it’s likely something like that that you’re having problems with, at least that’s a common thing people run into that I’ve seen in the past.

If it’s none of those things, can you give more details on your setup and what exactly is not working? Does it not turn on? Does it not setup? Does it not stream? What kind of not working?

Thank you for your response! The power source seems fine, it’s the connectivity part that’s not working. I can only have one connected to the internet at a time.

I have more than 40 Wyze cams connected to the internet at the same time, including several V3 cams. So I can assure you that it is possible to do more than one.

However, there could be some things that make this difficult on your specific network.

Will you run a speedtest here and tell us what your upload and download speeds are?

What kind of internet do you have? Cable?
The Router can often make a big difference too.

How far are the side-by-side v3 cameras from your access point? If they are in a weak signal area, I would temporarily move both closer to your WiFi access point as a test.

When you say “using the same cord” do you mean like using the separate charging cables but running along the same extension cable?!? (I’d assume so because I really couldn’t imagine someone splitting a charging cord lol but I’ve heard of weirder things :sweat_smile:)

Anyways! This can 100000% be done!! & honestly the power wouldn’t even be an issue either as my rental has one crappy electric system set up a ring doorbell, and two Wyze cameras all running from that one and it’s literally never been an issue and all 3 show great signal strength and everything… so I think you’re safe OP :woman_shrugging:t3::heart:

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I think the follow-up questions here are all valid, and I hope they help @jholbert with the troubleshooting. Just to chip in my own experience, I have a couple of Cam Pan v3s a few feet away from one another and working without any apparent problems, so I don’t know why having two cameras in close proximity to each other would be a significant issue.

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Good question. I have had some people with connectivity issues like this where it turned out that they used one long USB cord from the outlet to where they want to place 2 cameras, then add a splitter at the end of it and have one camera face one direction and the other face the other direction. So, it’s not an extension cable exactly, still just a single USB cord, but because of the splitter at the end, they are sharing the power from the same USB cord and same AC adapter and now one or both cameras don’t work right because there is insufficient power specifically because they didn’t use a normal extension cord like they should have. :slight_smile:

I will say, that I do the same thing in a couple of places, but I use a more powerful power adapter that puts out extra amps so both devices get sufficient power. :wink: I wouldn’t recommend it though. I’d normally recommend using a normal extension cord instead, but if someone is doing this, then I tell them to get an adapter with more amps pushing through it.

You’ve heard the expression? A Ton of experience? Well, there’s a hundred tons of experience here. Everything points and nearly everyone’s comments comes back to “we believe you have a power issue at the camera”. Try setting up the camera separately away from the target spot you want it. Confirm for yourself, more than one camera works. Many of us simply don’t use the power adapter that comes with the camera. Barely, just barely enough power. We use higher than 1 amp delivery adapters, to eliminate power problems now and in the future.

You say, more than one. Have you powered down the one that works, and added the second camera to your network? Then restored power to the first?

One last thing, 1) are you using on each camera, the power adapter that came with the camera? 2) is one of your cameras a V3 Pro and you are using the wrong adapter, (maybe the one that came with the other camera) to power it?