Wyze Cam V3: camera interference with each other

I bought two new Wyze Cam V3 on Wed 5/18/22, directly from Wyze. One will connect to the wifi fine but the other will be constantly offline with error 90. When one camera is connected, the other is offline, and vice versa, they both don’t connect at the same time. They both connect fine when only one is in use, seems like they interfere with each other. I have tried troubleshooting by resetting the cam and confirming the appropriate modem settings, they also are in separate locations around the house. I also have 3 other V2 cams and a pan cam that connect fine together. Anybody have these same issues, and any solutions? Thanks

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Almost acting like they both have the same MAC - which would cause problems. Go into the camera settings, then Device info and write down the MAC and IP address of one of the cameras. See if the MAC matches the MAC written on the camera label. Then turn that fist camera off, power up the second one, let it connect and then repeat the check. If you know how, connect to your DHCP server (usually your router), and look at DHCP assignments with one of the cameras connected. Write down the MAC and IP address for that camera. Just like before, power down that camera, and power up the first camera. Let it connect and again, check the DHCP server for assignments. See if something jumps out at you as a problem. If you don’t understand what all those numbers mean, post the results here.

I’ll try it out. Thanks

The MACs for both cameras in Device Info match their written labels. Also, each device has its own IP unique address. Interestingly, when both cams are powered on at the same time, they both are recognized on the router’s MAC users list but only one cam appears online on the wyze app.

Beats me.

How large is your DHCP lease pool?
Maybe the number of devices in the pool is set to a low number

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I’m actually having this same issue and have the same suspicion about interference. I have two Wyze cam v3s mounted 90 degrees from each other on a post. I can get them both online briefly, but then one goes offline with error 90. Never know which will be offline. MACs, IPs, etc look fine in my router and on my Eeros (in the app). But one or the other won’t show or record video (wyze app). I’m going bonkers with this. I have 2 more v3s outside in other places and they are quite reliable. It’s just these two next to each other that do this.

As these are all at a vacation home, it’s a bit of a problem as one always goes offline and I have to physically unplug it to fix it. I’m very close to putting them both on an outdoor plug timer that shuts them off and on for 1min each night, and see if they will manage to run 23:59 of each day. Frustrating.

Im having the same problem. I haven’t found a solution yet, but if you have since you originally posted, please share!

Had a similar problem once I got a second Waze Cam Pan v3 (WCPv3). After following many different suggestions (new power adapter, cord, verify different MAC and IP) I finally found a workaround that seems to be solving the issue.

Set up a guest network on your wifi router and only put the WCPv3 on that network.
My steps:

  1. Power cycle the WCPv3
  2. Delete the camera through app
  3. Setup again under the new guest network