Siamese cord

I suggest offering a short siamese cord which has 1 female mini usb and 2 male usb ends. This would allow you to run one power cord and be able to power 2 cameras that are close together. I have mentioned this to several Wyze people who thought it was a good idea but 2 years later it is still not available.

I’ve bought some splitters on Amazon that do this for around $7:

Works out great to point 2 cams in opposite directions for better coverage. Though I purposely use a different adapter that allows more power to be sent through since I’m running 2 cams on the same cord.

I wouldn’t do this with the V3Pro cams as they need more power than normal, so it’s kind of best for them to have their separate cord and power source.

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What is the amperage draw on the V3 pro?

I haven’t personally tested the draw, but the website says they provide an adapter for it that gives 5V / 2000mA for the V3Pro

While the V3 says 5V / 1A.

I just discovered that there is a siamese cord supplied with the spotlight kit for the V2. I’ll let you know how it works using a std power adapter.

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