Can I assign a device to Wyze Mesh Router satellite?

I’ve set up two Wyze mesh routers in my home, hoping to get a stronger signal to my TV that’s outside by the pool. My main mesh router is in the middle of the house (single story) and I placed the satellite in the living room, near the tv. I have a Wyze cam overlooking my driveway, over the garage at the front of the house. My problem is that the driveway cam connects to the satellite in the back of the house so it has a very weak signal. Can I tell the camera to connect to the main router that’s much closer?

Also, the outside TV is connected to the satellite router, which is only about 10’ away, but it also has a very weak signal, like its connected to the main router. Shouldn’t the signal be stronger if it’s that close?

Overall it appears that the satellite router isn’t providing a stronger signal, but actually a weaker signal than my Spectrum router that I’m replacing to the devices that are further away.

There isn’t any way to assign devices to specific nodes of the mesh system. It happens automatically and isn’t always the best.

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I have 3 Mesh Router Pro’s w\ 70+ devices on the network. This is one of the issues I deal with also. For some reason, devices get locked into service from the root rather than a closer Sattelite. I have found that doing a network restart or a long power cycle on the cam in question sometimes gets it switched.

But, because I can’t trust what the Wyze App is telling me (Wyze App Router UI doesn’t update the device list regularly… Waited over 5 days after installing a new cam and had to restart the network to see it), I can’t be sure which node devices are using.

This is being requested in the wishlist:

I suggest going to the wishlist here, voting on it and commenting specifically that this is one of the main features you want: