Mesh pro satellite

Is there a way to point a device to the satellite device? Not certain the satellite device is working as I feel I should have more coverage than I do. A camera not far away has 1 bar of signal and says connected to the root router.

There is no way to force a device to utilize a specific Sattelite or Root Mesh Router Pro.

This feature has been requested on the Wishlist. Follow the link, vote at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your own post to the topic to support the request.

I have had this issue with several of my cams. Most recently the Floodlight Pro. It seems that cams sometimes get an unhealthy addiction for being connected to the root which is further away and won’t let go.

I have found that power cycling the cam allows it to connect to the best connection. If that doesn’t work or I have several cams off the reservation, a router reboot usually resets the landscape.

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And those of us that want this feature can share with you, we’ve not found it to exist on any other manufacturer’s router. I’ve personally bought too many and learned they did not provide this on those either. So, it not just a wild guess when we say, they don’t.

Most (looks like all) routers have a limit as to how many devices can connect to a node/satellite. The Wyze Mesh Router Pro allows up to 75 devices. So, you could have two nodes, one the main the other the satellite. One could have 75 and the other has 30. And you add one more device and it tries to connect to the one with 75 and won’t connect to the one with 30. At least one of the 75 will probably drop off the WiFi network and likely will not connect to the other. There’s no way to force it to the “30” node and it probably will stay offline, or bump something else off.

Some of us (like me) had to find a manufacturer’s model that exceed the ceiling so we could keep everything on the WiFi network.

I don’t get complicated with my three Wyze Mesh Router Pros. Simple root and two nodes on wireless backhaul, single tri-band SSID.

Is it possible to set these up, or other brands for that matter, as wireless backhaul APs with independant SSID for each node? That way the node used can be forced by SSID credentials in the device setup.

If I recall, @WildBill was working with the routers as APs. Any insights?

I set mine up in bridge mode. They share the same SSID/Password. Only way to set them up with unique SSIDs would be to plug them back to the main system/router and treat them as individual nodes. I wouldn’t think they could use the wireless backhaul since they wouldn’t actually be a mesh, or at least only a mesh of one router.

I do have two sets, one is just for testing. You could do it that way, but you’d have two mesh systems, not one.

Thanks for the assist. I don’t have Ethernet, so wired access isn’t an option. You are right though. It would kill the mesh features.

If you want separate SSIDs and you also want wireless, why bother with Mesh? Simple get a decent main router and a couple of newer/est tech Extenders. Linksys has one that I bought for one specific purpose. It covers a 10,000 SF area. Think about that for a minute. What is the radius of your router? Most are 30’40’ This extender is 100 feet range. So, a couple of these as 'bookends" to your main router is going to allow separate SSID through all three and spread your range across a 200 foot circle, “so to speak”. Of course adding 2 more still for a total of 4 extenders would create on giant circle all with separate SSIDs.

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How does a WiFi extender broadcast a different SSID as the root to which it is connected?

That’s the new tech in these things. I have one running right now that uses a different SSID.
I only use it between the corner of my garage to my truck sitting on the street where its got a Wyze V3 inside watching out the back window. Connects back to the house, to the main ASUS mesh and I can pull it up in my Wyze app. All I care about. How? Have not idea. But works.

Edit: By the way, I think it would be useful to mention this. The distance between corner of the garage and to the camera in the truck is 80 feet.

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This is the info I was after. A couple of the cameras did select the closer point but not the one I intended, yet anyway.

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