Cameras Compatible with Wyze Sense Hub

Are “Blink” cameras compatible with Wyze “Sense Hub?” I believe the Blink cameras are an Amazon product. Thanks for help.

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No. Only Wyze Cams are compatible for integration with the Wyze HMS Sense Hub.

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Thank you. I will buy Wyze.

Not sure if they have any left, the sale has been on for some time, but Home Depot has a sale on V3 Cams at 2 for the price of 1 w\ 3 months free Cam Plus.


I think the HD sale is over. The links now show $69.98.

Interesting. :thinking:

My store still has 9 in stock and is showing it still available both on their website and within the Home Depot App:

SKU 1008363009

Seems to be very hit or miss with the price. I tried to buy some but the order was cancelled as “out of stock.”

Yeah. At this point, with their inventory inaccuracies, it’s an in person find and purchase.

It appears some stores still have some in stock. I do wish these were actually compatible with Wyse sense hub, especially the siren that is built into the V3 cams really should be able to be activated when the alarm is triggered.

These are compatible w\ the Wyze Sense Hub. With a HMS Subscription, up to 5 of these V3 cams can be included in the HMS Security Camera section.

If you are not an HMS Subscriber, the V3 cams are compatible with every sensor that is installed onto the Wyze Sense Hub, which can be used within rules to trigger the cam sirens.

This is a Home Monitoring Subscription specific restriction rather than a Sense Hub restriction. I too would love to see the HMS opened up for automation actions and triggers.

I have installed Wyze Plugs and several sirens to go off in the event of an intrusion. I am able to arm and disarm these by Alexa voice command with my Sense Hub Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors as triggers. When the plug for the siren is triggered on, all of my cams also are triggered to siren.

Thanks! I will look into this a bit further. It does seem a bit clunky and time consuming and also another step to remember a couple of times a day. I do still wish they would just add a rule to make this seamless.

Can your work around be put on a schedule so this doesn’t have to be activated and deactivated daily?

Yes. It is an extra step to arm and disarm outside of the HMS. A voice command to Alexa when I am home (which also takes care of my thermostat, lights, and Alexa Guard), and an additional tap in the app before disarming.

I too have lobbied for HMS State Actions and Triggers.

Absolutely. Wyze plugs can be scheduled locally on the plug or by way of schedule rule in the app\cloud. They can also be operated based on GPS Location trigger.

I don’t use schedules because I can’t keep one. There is always something different going on that changes my daily schedule.

One worry I have is my wife constantly forgets about the alarm so I have a 30 second delay before the alarm gets activated. The countdown starts and she has enough time to disable the alarm. With this method it would take two actions and the siren would be activated immediately. So I am skeptical this would work for us. But maybe scheduling actions could help.

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It’s certainly not for everyone and takes some getting used to. And it is quite complicated to set up. I essentially had to do it out of necessity due to the lack of HMS State triggers or actions.

When I leave, I tell Alexa “I’m Leaving”. That voice command turns off all my lights, turns on Alexa Guard. And turns on my “Away” plug. The “Away” plug triggers a Wyze Rule to set my thermostat to Away and is timed to stay on for 5 minutes. I can then set the alarm with the keypad or the app and exit. 5 minutes down the road, the “Away” plug turns off which triggers another Wyze Rule to turn on my “Alarm Master” plugs (2 - indoor and outdoor). When these “Master” plugs go on, the Wyze plug plugged into them (#s 4 and 5), which are OFF, are then able to be triggered on by Wyze Rules when any sensor triggers. #4 and #5 are what my sirens are plugged into.

I also have a “Home” plug that will turn it all off and set my thermostat to home and a “Sleep” plug that turns the sirens back on.

That is amazing what you have accomplished! I don’t think that would work for my family though. So please Wyze, just add a simple rule that will allow the cams siren to be integrated with the HMS alarm.

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