Wyze battery outdoor camera add on

Am I blind or did Wyze stop selling the Wyze battery add on camera? I don’t need the bundle


I don’t need the $59 bundle Wyze used to have the add on camera for$39.99

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I noticed that, too. I had been looking for an add on myself. I know I bought an add on a few months ago, but I’m not seeing that option now.

What did support or chat say? Personally that would be my first hop before forum…

I think someone said they were still available outside Wyze. Home Depot maybe?

Glad to see Wyze stop supporting stuff I’m getting tired of Wyze. I’m about to switch to Nest camera then so everything works perfect

I think it’s a leap to say Wyze has given up on the Outdoor camera. They just don’t have any singles in stock ATM.

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I just looked at our home depot on line and there in stock


They are available at Home Depot and Amazon.


Thanks for that info. I just wish the prices at third party retailers weren’t higher than the price on the wyze website. I understand why they’re higher, just wish I could pay the Wyze price. Lol


So has WYZE responded?? I had to order from Amazon for the add on for the price of the bundle.

Bottom line is the outdoor going away???

We just got back from home depot,we went to all 3 stores today in my area and bought the wyze wireless outdoor camera with base,SD card $19.99 each bought all they had at 3 stores 1 store had them @$15.89 …so long story short we bought a total of 22 of them to put in our stock,we offer camera systems to our customers, if Wyze is doing away with them they will need a replacement to sell…o well who knows, so I would check your local home depot to see if there on close out like here,I did ask the store manager why there on close out and he said the item was not selling that good and they need the space for items that sell…also on Amazon you can buy a V3 cheaper than from Wyze direct so we order 6 more for stock I think our lady told me they were $30.89 each…well there you all go happy hunting

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