Outdoor camera order separately?

Is there any reason why you are able to order a Wzye Outdoor camera bundle from Wyze but, not the Outdoor camera (v1 or v2) separately?

I have one working Outdoor camera and i would like to add at least one more camera to the base.

V2 preferred if you are wondering. Your starlight setuo works well in the V3 cameras i also have but, i want independence of wiring.



You can, it’s called an addon camera.

Just make sure you have the base station, and it can only support up to 4 cams.


I don’t see the Addon camera listed in the Android App store. It sure would be nice if there was a search feature in the shop aea.

Yea, I was told a search is coming very soon!

When you hit add to cart on the cam with base station it prompts you if you want the add on instead. Confused me the first time as well.


$63.99 for one (add-on) cam? Wow