Add on cameras for WyzeCam Outdoor

Are add-on cameras for the WyzeCam outdoor system not available? I can’t find them individually on the website, just the starter bundle.

They are not available on the WebSite. I heard you can get them from Amazon though.

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amazon and expensive, some are $65.00 +

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$60 for it, wow. Was not aware of the price. You get that from Wyze with the Base Station.

WTH? Why is it that? Why doesn’t have them? Are they just held up in the supply chain?

Can say for sure as I am a community member like you. However, I would suspect that is the case. HomeDepot and Microcenter have them, but they are more than Amazon.

If you get a new bundle with camera/hub, you can just use the camera from the kit…
I wish they just had the expansion cameras though.