Camera is zoomed in when viewing notifications clip

I’m guessing it has been this way since the last app update for me? When I view video clips from notifications it always starts out zoomed in. This is extremely annoying. Anyone else have this problem and is there a way to resolve it?


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Hi @lmelchior Welcome t the Forums!

I have not experienced this issue myself, Could you please post the Firmware Version as well as the App version that you are using?

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I had the same issue. I randomly changed my phone display resolution to a higher resolution one day and it fixed the issue. Not sure if this will help you and your situation, but it helped me! :+1:


Camera firmware is
App version 2.5.36
It shows zoomed in then I keep my phone on portrait mode with the little window at the top. If I tilt it to landscape fullscreen it appears normally. When its zoomed in I have to use my fingers to try to zoom this out and this is really sensitive and a pain. If there was a way to send pictures I would send some screenshots.

There’s a post about this already: Strange camera adjustment

Can’t say it’s a Samsung specific issue, but it seems that most people who report this have Samsung phones.

It was my phone everyone. It had a forced update and reset my resolution back down. I changed it back to highest and now everything is good again. Thanks for all your help.