Recorded Event Playback Wierd Zoom Issue

So, I’m not certain when this started occurring, and wasn’t paying close enough attention to have been able to correlate the start of the issue with a specific firmware or Android app update. That said, any time I attempt to play back a triggered event recording (the 12 second cloud server one), the playback is exhibiting a weird zoom bug.

When I select the event from the thumbnails in the list, the video downloads properly, but the instant the playback begins, the viewer snaps to a zoom profile at the upper left corner of the video absent a command. This bug is consistent, occurring during all event recording playbacks, and occurs during playback of all of my 7 cameras.

I am able to zoom the playback window back out to allow me to view the entire video, however the digital zooming function is far less refined and more choppy then it is when used to zoom in the live feed.

Anyone smart seeing this?

There have been people with the same issue, the issue in those instances was the screen resolution on the phone, if you go to settings - display -screen resolution what does it say. By the way this is in the phone itself, not the app


Annnnnd that was the issue. The phone dropped down a resolution level based on battery level. It has been properly beaten and thrown against a wall to school it in doing things without my authorization.

Thanks man!!


Glad you got if fixed