Wyze Cam Zoom issue in portrait

Noticed a weird issue with zoom in portrait mode, which only seems to happen if I try to view playback directly from an event video. It stretches the video rather than actually zooming. Doesn’t happen when I open a camera and select playback.

Happens on cam v3, v2 and Pan, so I’m suspecting it’s an app quirk. Running the latest beta version on Android (Verizon Samsung Galaxy S10e, Android 11)

Log submitted, #248043

Which Camera are you seeing this on, I know you mentioned all versions, but was more wondering which camera the image was from. Also, how are you zooming the image? Using Pinch, tapping, or tapping on the box shape at the top right of the image?

Tested on my V3 is with no issue.

Image 1 is the normal, image 2 is the zoomed. I double tap on the image and it zooms in.

Happening on multiple cameras. Happens when I’m viewing an event video from the events tab an d then choose to view playback, and try to pinch zoom; basically only zooms on one axis, typically vertical.

@spamoni4, clicking the box on top right switches to full screen video /landscape mode - this is only happening when I am viewing an event video in portrait mode, where the video is displayed on the upper half of the screen, and I select view playback at the bottom and then pinch to zoom on a certain area.

I do not see this behavior when I view a camera (livestream) and then switch to viewing playback. As I said, it is not isolated to a single camera, it is happening across all devices.


So I double tap, but once it is zoomed, you can touch the video and move your the screen around to see the other area’s of the video.

As I typed this, I decided to try one more time, I started the screen recording option on Android, then I go to a camera, start Video Playback, double tap and I see it stretched like you did. I turn off the Screen Recording, start the app again, go to the same Camera, same video playback, and it is fine. Confusing.

I am going to do a little more testing today and will hopefully submit a log and details.

In your first message you said this was happening when viewing events, but NOT when when viewing playback. However your later messages and screen captures show just the opposite.
I am running 2.22.16 on my Motorola g7 Power, and I am not seeing an issue. If I pinch zoom either on an event or playback, it appears to work correctly. When viewing playback, zooming in will result in the image taking more space vertically on the screen, and the edges of the image expanding past the edges of the phone (and of course, not being seen). When watching events, the screen size does not get any larger, but as you zoom in of course all four edges of the image go “off screen”.


As with you, I checked on my setup and there was no issue at all. I decided to do a screen capture via Android and then expanded a playback event and it did stretch it. if I don’t use the screen capture it does not stretch it. To me, this is not an issue with the Wyze app, but rather an issue with something on Android.

Here is an example of what I am seeing in the images below:

Initial Load of the Event Playbacl Screen from SD Card

Double Tap on the screen does zoom in and then you can move the screen around to hit all corners of the screen

This next image is me having the Android Screen Capture on to demonstrate that there was no problem, but this is what happened - Notice the difference in the video presentation. Again, I think this is an Android Issue and not Wyze

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@spamoni4, it happens when I select any event from the events tab, and from the resulting video, choose to view playback of the event (which gives you the timeline and such) via the button at the bottom of the screen. It’s happening in playback view, only when I enter it from an event recording.

If I select any camera from the home screen, switch from live to playback view, pinching to zoom does not produce this issue.

@k6ccc, go into an event from your events tab, and when viewing a particular event, tap Playback at the bottom and when it loads (timeline visible, etc), try pinching to zoom.

I wasn’t using screen recorder or anything like that, I used the hardware button combo to take screen shots of what happens.

That is what I did. I entered via the Play back link which is displayed in image one. Then I double tap the video and it zooms it, but you can pan the image to look around, it is not stretched or skewed. The only time this happened was when I was trying to do a screen capture.

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