Outdoor cams stretched in samsung fold 2

See the images…

If I zoom in, then they become tiny. This is if I have phone unfolded. Not happening in the front screen


Has this happened with past app versions? This seems to be a bug, I’d submit a log for this.

Yes. Since I got the phone about a year ago.

I’ve submitted it and never heard anything back unfortunately.

this looks vaguely similar to a zoom issue I was having with my Samsung Galaxy S10e recently.
Wyze Cam Zoom issue in portrait

Because you’re in beta you won’t receive anything back on the logs you submit. They go directly to the developers. Just look for any updates in the forums and if it’s seen we will try to keep note of anything that changes and alert the community if they make those changes. I’ve noticed distortion when I zoom in on my v3s and I’ve been sending in logs a couple times a week just so they know it’s there :slight_smile:

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Hi @razorseal , could you please let me know the six-digit log ID you submitted to us? You can find that in the Wyze app Account > Wyze Support > Log History if you’re on the latest Wyze app. Thank you!

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Log ID 71734. Submitted 12/8/2020

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Thank you!

Still a problem. I submitted a support request 60 days ago with still no remedy

Wyze outdoor cam v2 has bad aspect ration when using Galaxy Fold 2 and also Fold 3 phones in unfolded format. When folded (narrow front screen works with correct aspect). When reviewing Events, CORRECT aspect as well.

Just bad aspect on live view when unfolded. Overriding aspects in phone options (Advanced>Labs) did not work. Current release or Beta app no different (as of Nov 3 2021). All firmware up to latest release version Any ideas? Thanks.

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