Zoom for wize cam is distorted badly

for some reason after the update the wize cam screen when i try to zoom in, distorts as if the zoom code was set to Horizontal 20%, Vertical 80% it looks terrible. not good for a security camera when you cant properly zoom in.

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Known issue and first forum search hit for “zoom”.

Same here. Known or not, it’s important we keep talking about it and bringing it up. This shouldn’t be a difficult fix, as it was working properly a few days ago.

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This is a known issue, This is what Wyze Said in another Forum Topic:


I’m experiencing the same issue on my Pixel 5.

The thread you linked is not talking about distortion at all. However, it does seem a zoom distortion issue was reported over a year ago here:

Which is weird, because I had the Pixel 2 XL at that time and didn’t have any issues. The zoom distortion I am experiencing on my Pixel 5 started only a few weeks ago.