Notification/Viewing Issue with new update

I must say that I’m really liking the new software and firmware updates but I’ve run across something that I wanted to bring up. I’m using an Samsung S8. I will get a notification on my lock screen. I’ll select the notification and swipe the screen to open the phone. It will take me into the app to the notification and start playing it (really like that) but after it plays I’ll hit the back arrow and there won’t be anything there (notification.jpg). I can go up and change the “All Cameras” to just my 1 camera and then it will show the notifications (Selected Camera.jpg). I really like what you all are doing. Keep it up. I currently only have 1 v2 camera (more are on the way).

app version 1.4.33

cam v2 firmware




edit: sorry about the pics. I thought they’d just be the files.