Notification issues on Samsung Galaxy J3 with Android 7.1.1

I have multiple cameras setup at my house (3 v2 cam, 1 pan cam).

Am running Android 8 on my Samsung GS8.

All features and notifications are working great.

I bought and setup a v2 cam for my father at his house on his Samsung Galaxy J3 Android phone.

While the camera actions work fine, the notifications are not working.

The app will have the notifications in it but it does not show any indication next to the application icon on his home screen (no notification like when he gets emails, no sound).

His phone is fully updated to what it can be updated to, Android 7.1.1 and the camera is fully updated to the latest firmware.

All other applications are getting notifications and are showing the indicator (bubble with #) as they should (email, text message, etc).

When I share out his camera to my account, I get the notifications and can see that the indicator tallies correctly on my device.

Is there a setting that I might be missing that is preventing his phone from getting the notification alerts on his device and updating the indicator (icon) with the number of notifications?