Notification Issues on Android devices

Hey everyone!

We are aware of users not receiving Push Notifications to their Android devices. This is a known issue with Push Notifications not being handled properly on Android devices. Our developers are actively working on a fix that is set to be released soon through an app update.

This fix is currently being tested with our Beta group and should be released soon. I do not have an exact release date at this time, since we want to make sure the fix is good to go first, but it should be very soon.

If you would like to help us test the Beta, please find how to join here - How to Join our Beta Program

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, we are working on a fix as fast as we can. If you do not use an Android device and this is still occurring, please reach out to If you are not receiving Push Notifications and Recorded Alert videos, please also reach out to support.

Thank you everyone!

To be clear is the fix you are working on going to apply to the older V1 cameras?

I am using:

app: 1.2.76




Yes, the fix will effect both v1 and v2.