Zooming in problem

Hi everyone, anybody knows why the event videos zoom in when I play them? it’s very frustrating that every time I want to review an event I must zoom out manually or make it full screen. Thanks.

Is this happening on both your iOS and Android devices? What app and system versions are you using? Are you using the Beta app?

Im just using it on my android, I installed the Wyze app, v2.5.36

What Android device and system version? Maybe a similar user can help. I don’t see what you describe on my iOS devices.

I have that Android app version and I have both iOS and Android. I don’t see zooming, either, unless I manually pinch zoom.

Android is customized a lot by the hardware manufacturers. There could be a setting that controls this. What’s your phone model? Perhaps people with that particular phone can help.

I’m using Android 8 and using the same app version 2.5.36. I am not seeing this zoom issue on any of my devices. Have you tried any troubleshooting steps yet like uninstalling/reinstalling the app or anything?

Just to confirm, you are referring to the 12 sec cloud event videos and not the playback from microSD card, correct?

Edit: You might want to check your phone’s resolution settings. This happened once before with another user having this issue.

Same issue in this thread below:


Samsung S8, Android version 9. Kernel version.

Samsung S8, Android version 9. Kernel version. Thanks.

Thank you, Seems like he figured it out, I replied him to see if he can tell me how to fix it too. Thanks.


You’re welcome!

I am having the same issue with a Galaxy S9, started around december, maybe a little sooner.