Cam V3 remote access adjustable light/flashlight for color nighttime photographs

I have the Cam 3 and love the time lapse feature to record the evening movements of my hermit crabs. I know of many hermit crab owners use your camera to record the nighttime Hermit Crab activities. I would love to see an option to be able to turn on an adjustable output light/flashlight on the camera. This would allow one to take a color photo using the Cam 3 of the hermit crabs. I spend hours watching the live feed of their night time activities and it would be great to be able to remotely take quality photos of them, but a light would be necessary as I have to keep their habitat in the dark throughout the night, so the room is very dark. Would love to see this as an option on your cameras. Thanks for considering.

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Have you seen the Spotlight Accessory Kit for the V3? You should be able to take full color photos using the Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight. There is an icon on the cam live stream to turn the spotlight on or off manually. It has two brightness levels low/high.

Would the spotlight work for you?


I’ll check this out! It may work. Does it have an option for adjustable lighting levels?

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I’ll just ordered it. Thanks for the recommendation. I didn’t know it was an option! I look forward to trying it.

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Has 2 levels, Low (indoors) and High (outdoors).


Thought I would share with you