Manual settings for brightness on Wyze Cam

Is there a way to adjust brightness in wyze cam V2 or V3? I cant see anything in colour or night mode. It’s just regular ceiling lights from quite a distance.

Unfortunately, no. You will need to adjust your Cam position to exclude the Lighthouse Beacon.


How many 10?
This is a 150 Watt Halogen Flood light 15 feet from a V3.

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Lighthouse beacon

more like the eye of Sauron :sob:

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Just the one. I’ll take a picture up close.

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I agree with and fully support this suggestion.

Been using your Wyze cams and outlets for a few years now. Both the V2 cams and recently added a V3 model.

Love the V3 Starlight vision and I find the auto-brightness adjust of all these V2/V3 cams to work fairly well, but think it would be REALLY useful to also be able to customize the overall brightness somewhat for different installation environments. I realize the view can only go so bright, but I would actually like to reduce the overall brightness on 2 of my cams (in my case outdoor views where sunny areas are just too bright, in addition to some more than needed brightness at night).

Basically suggesting an overall offset adjust (thru the app) to customize the brightness level a few ticks up or down from the automatic defaults. Perhaps a separate 2nd offset adjust for whenever Night Vision Mode kicks in, might also be handy.

My digital camera allows for this type of customizable auto-brightness offset, so seems a possibility.

Thanks for your consideration, and keep up the good work.

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