Adjust V4 brightness and contrast?

I think the answer is “not available” but it would be wonderful to have the ability to adjust the image brightness and contrast based on a user-selected portion of the screen. My V4 camera is positioned to look out through a window from a dark room. Contrast seems to be averaged over the whole image. As a result, on a bright day, the image of the outside is overexposed, rendering the desired view almost useless. I can’t place the camera so that this doesn’t happen.

Correct. All the Wyze cameras are auto-exposure.

From your description, do I gather that the camera is well inside the room so it is seeing both the dark room and the outside through the window? Yes, you need to figure out how to move the camera. As I type this, I have five cameras that are inside, but looking out (four V3 and one OG-Tele). All are mounted with the face of the camera pressed up against the window, so for the most part, the inside lighting (or lack thereof) has no effect the camera. If the mechanical situation works out, you can just sit the camera on something so it stays up against the glass. Wyze also makes a nice stick on mount for the V3 (I don’t remember if available for other camera types) that is made for the purpose and also helps block and reflected room light from being seen by the camera. Works quite well. OK, the link says that it also fits the V3 Pro and OG cameras.