Wyze Cam V3 Perpendicular view

I would like the community input on addressing the glare that is reflecting off the wall when I enabled the infrared lights to get a better night vision. Tried the settings but no success. As you can see from my screen shot this view is not the typical angle for the wall mount.

There may not be a good solution to this or you may have tried this. However, given the viewing angle, you could try moving the camera to the tight some. Obviously it will depend on the area you would like to see or capture and the area you are trying to avoid.

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I have a somewhat similar situation for my front porch camera.

On the left is the wall and on the right is the beam that the camera is sitting on. Not much of a big deal in daylight, but a major problem at night. My initial solution (with a V2 camera) was to lock the camera in daytime mode so I did not have the problem with the wall being illuminated - same issue you are having. Therefore, at night, the V2 looked like this:

A few days ago, I swapped that camera out for a V3. It is in in Auto mode, but does not switch to night mode. Much better!

At this time, the camera is just sitting on a beam, but will get more properly mounted shortly. For the observant people wondering what is the thing between the camera and the mounting (partially blocked by the power cable), that is a dead AA battery that is providing enough weight that the camera does not tip over when angled that far forward and not attached to anything…

And yes, the photo was taken by another Wyze V3 :slight_smile:


the Night Vision is impressive on the v3’s.

Yes it is. Now granted in the above night photos, the front porch has a porch light (just above the top of the image to the right of the door), but overnight it runs at 30% so it’s not all that bright. The steps have RGB strips under the bullnose brick on all three steps, but that is also quite dim unless someone walks up to the porch.

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So you’ve got a V3 working with an AA battery on it :slight_smile: Let the rumors fly!

Honest - the AA battery is NOT powering the camera! But I know you knew that…
I found that when tilted that far forward, it would fall forward too easily. I happened to have a dead AA battery in my pocket and that solved the problem…
I will get it screwed down this weekend.

Thanks all for the feedback.

I ended up turning off the infrared light but left the night vision on. See the attached screenshot. I am guessing if it weren’t for the glare, I would have a better quality video with the infrared on. Although this cam version is built in to operate in the outdoor environment out of the box, I’m thinking maybe if I were to purchase the right third party housing with a good articulating

mount, it may address my issue.

You might also try masking off the illuminating LEDs on the left side of the camera, or using a separate IR illuminator that is pointed appropriately.


Hello cjhawail.

Maybe a solution to your issue with the IR reflection off the wall would be to rotate your camera’s aim to the right as has been suggested earlier. Test the rotation live with the Wyze app by having someone stand where you want your camera to see them while you manipulate the camera’s aim. Hopefully most of the reflecting wall will be off view?


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Having less wall in the frame might cause the camera to adjust the exposure enough that your area of interest is exposed properly.


doesn’t wyze make a spot light adapter to fit on the V3 that might help?

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