Wyze Cam 3 Night Vision

Having issues with the Cam 3 at night. The camera is set up inside the house and pointing through a window. Something happens to the camera in the setting in the evening and all I get is a glare from the window. I have played around with the auto night vision settings but nothing seems to work. It will do this at around 11:00 p.m. and stay that way until the sun starts to come out in the morning. I attached a short video of it changing.

It looks to me that you have enough ambient light to leave the night vision set to OFF, color 24/7 instead of black and white night vision with the IR lights coming on. Or you could try just turning the IR light setting to OFF.


Was going to try that tonight but was hoping to leave the night vision on. Will try that though.

If you are shooting through glass (I have several that way), you absolutely MUST turn off the IR illuminators. Enabling or disabling night mode and the dusk / dark setting at your option.

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Ok, so basically moving the night vision setting to Off? I do have a different house with cameras pointing through the windows and no issues. It just seems to be this house so not sure if it’s a different type of window or outside lighting.

I would try it with the night vision off first. If you don’t think your view is good enough set it back to Auto and set the IR lights to off and see how it looks.

If you have your cam status lights on, that will also cause a glare. If you have any lighting behind the cam… glare. If the face of the cam isn’t on the glass, you have much greater possibility of reflection and glare from whatever is in the room.

These work best thru glass with no backlighting whatsoever and the cam flat against the glass. Otherwise, you may need a mounting shield.

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Hello, have you considered sitting it out on the window sill? I finally did and no longer have the glare and etc and spending time trouble shooting this.