Window glare during the day

Any idea on how to get rid of the glare from the windows during the day? I have attached a picture for reference. At night I don’t have those issues. Night vision is on auto and near. Thanks for any help with this.

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Out of curiosity, have you tried setting the Night Vision to Off. You can do this by clicking on the Little Moon at the top right of the live stream. Tap on it and see each setting: Auto, On, Off.

Welcome to the forums! Looks like what is happening is the very light outside and the dark interior are causing some exposure issues with the picture at that moment. The camera doesnt have enough “wide dynamic range” to expose both extremes at the same time. The opposite of this would be that the camera could expose the window and the door glass correctly, but that would super darken the foreground that is the living room and the entry way.

Turn off the sun? OK, can’t do that. Better shades on the windows. Omgitstony beat me to it while I was typing…

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That makes sense. Is there anyway to fix that or does it just kinda fix itself. Thanks for the reply and help

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I don’t think there’s a way to fix that. If you want to see outside in addition to inside, just get another camera and put it up to the window pointing out.

It should fix itself as the lighting conditions change (gets darker outside or you turn an interior light on). I get best results when the area i am pointing a camera has the same illumination level so that it all exposes the best and equally. Its best to have the light source behind the camera. In your case have the camera on the wall that we are looking at then facing back into the room towards the camera in the pictures spot. Unfortunately i know you would rather like the camera facing the doorway head on, but that’s a trade off that is only effecting the cameras at certain parts of the day.

Thank you for your quick response and help

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