Light Glare at Night

My camera is posted inside window, pointing towards backyards. Upon nightfall, a light glare appears until morning, at which time it shows backyards clearly. Any suggestions?

Welcome @Justanote , can you let us know which camera you have in your window?

Asking as Wyze does provide the following to cut down on the glare:

Wyze Window Mount for Wyze Cam v3 and Cam v3 Pro

Do you have IR lights enabled? You will have to disable these when using a window mount

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just bought Cam v3 Black. it is mounted inside glass w/o screen.

Backyard cam glare

thank you. i will try disabling it for tonight.

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Here is a picture of my backyard. I have a fair mount of light at night. so I have Night Vision off. My v3 is inside shooting through a double pane window.


@StevenA, hmmm … very interesting, and I’m not using a dbl-pane window. I will disable IR but not night vision bc its super dark on my side at night. Thank you!!

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I turned off Night Vision because I had reflections like in your picture. I added solar lighting around my yard to get the results in my picture with Night Vision off. Good luck

@StevenA oh, ok! i will turn both off and see what happens. at this point, what have i to lose, aside from a clear view? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ lol

Thanks again!

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@StevenA. Thanks again. I turned Night Vision off and no more glare. Its not the best view as far as clearness but it’s a start.

a start.


Sorry! Replied to the wrong person last time and didn’t see the final post.

I have a V3 cam shooting thru a window as well and had to turn all the IR Lights and Night Vision off. Some nights though, especially cloudy ones, it was just too dark though.

I added some IR Floodlights outside and I can now use the IR Night Vision with the IR Emitters off. I still get a bit of reflection halo from the cam body, but it is effective:


Hmmm, I will try some IR Floodlights outside.

thank you!

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