How to adjust contrast and brightness for WYZE Cam ver3?

How to adjust contrast and brightness for WYZE Cam ver3?
I just have the camera, no spotlight, floodlight etc.
The camera is pointing at a courtyard with off white paint walls and a swimming pool surrounded by concrete. The area can be washed out at times.

Hello @davidhelp and welcome to the community.

If you could upload a photo of what you are seeing there are many here who could help you out in making the image better, however there is no brightness or contrast adjustment. Sometimes just pointing the camera a bit differently can help, that is where an image of what you see would be helpful.


Thanks for answering. I cannot change the position as the pool is center of the apt courtyard and I have it positioned on the 2nd apt window where I am at to view the corner where I would see people going by my door and the packages that are left there. The camera also covers 3/4’s of the courtyard. Not able to exclude the pool or concrete etc. nor would want to as I can see the back entrance where many come into the place and I am above the front entrance so I see people appear after they come into the courtyard.

I have the same issue, Bought 2 v3 cameras, put one in the exact same spot as my v2 but the dark carport causes my bright yard to completely wash out now. Camera angle and placement is identical. The color night vision is cool but for me the v2 is just better…