Wyze cams Night mode / Auto mode / Spotlight or Light

I have several of my Wyze Cams set to Auto mode. I have lights or spotlights near them.

When the spot light or light comes on even though the camera is in auto mode the cam stays in black/white night mode.

Is this working as designed? or does it take awhile for it to switch over? it does switch over for day time and night time??

I think it depends on specific lumens to turn the night mode off, not sure exactly what the lux number is but I have had my night vision turn off with light sources at night.


Ahhh. good to know that it can happen.

I guess I will have to try brighter spotlights & lights…

I have a 100 watt front door light right beside my Video Doorbell Pro and it will not turn on color mode. It is bright… hmmm

Color mode would really help to identify people. If I leave camera in color mode there is definitely enough light to identify people, but in black&white mode not so good for security.

more lumens!!

Maybe I will put in a Wishlist on this. for a slider scale or a change to sensor brightness…


The V3 has a setting for “dusk” vs “dark” for switching in and out of night mode, but I see the V3 Pro does not.


v3 Pro has the same. You need to set Night Vision Mode to Auto in order to enable the Night Vision Conditions setting. Setting NVC to Dusk switches Night Vision (B&W IR view) on earlier. OP should set NVC to Dark to maintain color.


I checked that yesterday, but the camera I did the test on is normally set to Night Visin Mode = Off. I did turn it on, but I suspect I missed and hit “On” instead of “Auto”. Confirmed what you said…


I have tried dusk & dark on V3. Neither will kick on the color mode when light comes on in my garage. I will do some more testing.

I have tried on a number of my cams. I will work up a spreadsheet in my various cam types to see if any of them kick over from b/w to color when light comes on.
They switch over in the morning so there must be a light/duration combination that works …

A slider switch for the day/night sensitivity would be helpful. I presume dusk/dark is an attempt at this.

It really helps to get a color picture (when light turns on) of intruder meanwhile the cam in ‘Auto mode’ stays stuck in black & white …

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