Video is black and white

My cameras video turned black and white !!! What’s up with that?

Welcome @bmmstarlite

Normally the Black and White implies your camera is on Night Vision Mode.

Depending on the Camera model, you can either turn it off or Auto in different locations:

V3 - on the Main live stream top right will be a moon looking icon. Tap on that to cycle through your Night modes. Note, the V3 also has it in the same location as mentioned below for the V3Pro, V4, and Pan Cam V3.

On the V3Pro, V4 and Pan Cam V3 - you would tap om the Gear at the Top Right to enter settings, then select Advanced Settings. The options are in that menu.


I noticed that @bmmstarlite used the cam-v3 and cam-pan-v3 tags. I don’t have any experience with the Cam v3 :cam_v3:, but I really dig the Color Night Viewing feature of my Cam Pan v3s :cam_pan_v3:. Since your username includes “starlite”, you might as well try it out with the “starlight sensor”!

Need some ambient light for the color night vision to work.

I’m aware of that, and depending on how a camera’s Night Vision Mode options are set, a camera could switch into that (black and white) mode even when some light is present. With even a little available light (even using puny night lights where I have my Cam Pan v3s), I prefer the color over the “night vision”.

I also like it on the Video Doorbell v2. In fact, I pretty much had to set Night Vision Mode to Off for that one, because its field of view includes another (non-Wyze) camera that I had previously installed to give a view of the porch, and that camera’s IR will blast the Doorbell at night otherwise. The color view is better in that situation, anyway, IMO. :man_shrugging: