Wyze V3 stuck on black and white night vision

One of my V3 cams is only displaying black and white night vision, not full color like my other ones. No matter how I toggle the settings, it will only display b&w. Any ideas?

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Did you power cycle it, leaving it off for 30s? Might be a good idea to also clear the cache in the app and sign out, close, sign in while the cam is down.


I’ll give that a try

No good. I’ve actually discovered this is affecting all my v3 cameras. If i go into advanced settings, and switch the night vision mode from “auto” to “on”, i get black and white video from all my cams. Can someone confirm this isn’t correct. Even during the daytime, if the night vision is “on”, i should be getting full color video, right?

When night vision mode is on, your camera view will be black and white. When it’s in black and white it’s able to see the IR illuminators, which will lighten up your scene. If it’s set to auto, the camera will determine when the scene lighting is too low and that it will enable night vision on its own which will turn the screen black and white and use the illuminators if those are enabled.

No. Setting the Night Vision to On will force the IR Filter over the lens and the firmware will switch to Black and White. You are manually forcing it into IR NV with that setting.

The only time you get Color Vision is when it it set to Off, or when it is set to Auto and the light sensor picks up enough ambient light to maintain it in color vision. As soon as the ambient light drops below the preset light level threshold in the firmware, it will automatically switch to Black and White IR NV.


Thanks! Got it. I was confusing the night vision with the star lite sensor

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The night vision modes on all the cameras work the same. A few cameras have the starlight sensor which helps in all low light conditions, weither the camera is in night vision mode or not.


I have my V3 set to auto (as are all 7 of my cams).

This particular, 3+ yr Driveway Sentry, sits behind a storm window and served me well.

It gets light from my front door lamp.
(Amber light 20 ft all directions)

I doubt it’s a “Night lighting” issue.
(Btr check that lamp too)

I will power cycle it and hope that,
“The Standard is the Standard”, continues ?

Thx, for the tips !