V-3 camera lost color night viewing, now black and white

I’ve lost my color night viewing on my v-3 cameras. It was working fine and then it went to a black and white mode. No reset and no settings were changed. Any help would be appreciated

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Your cam is stuck in Infra Red Night Vision Mode.

The easiest way to toggle these settings is in Live Stream. In the upper right you will see a green logo that looks like a half moon.

Press it to toggle between:

On = IR Night Vision On = Black and White
Off = Color Night Vision
Auto = Let the cam decide based on light levels


Thanks for your reply, but I’ve already tried that. Seems these cameras have a history of this issue. Worked ok up to this point, then this happened.

Set the setting to Off, then do a full power cycle on the cam by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

If that still doesn’t work, unplug and then lightly bump the camera, see if you can knock it back into place. Be gentle with it though