Cam v3 originally displayed color night video, now it only shows in b&w, why?

My Cam v3 video at night was originally in color when I first installed it a week or so ago.

Now it only shows the video in black and white at night.

How do I switch back to color?

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Is night vision mode set to “on”? Change to off or auto.

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It has always been in “Auto”. I even did try to reboot the camera - still NG - just B&W

What about the dusk/dawn settings? Switch those? What is the camera looking at? Maybe the picture is to dark and the camera wants the night vision mode on earlier now. If you want color at night at all times, turn off night vision.

It’s set to “Dusk” and its looking out a window, so I also have the IR “off” so there is no reflection. The camera is pointing to the same scene and same lighting as when the night video was in color.

The issue is that when I first set this up last week, everything was working fine - color night video and I have not changed anything, then all of the sudden I noticed the video is just B&W at night (the video is in color during the day).

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The solution was that I had to set to “Dark” which requires the scene to ve very very low light before switching to black and white mode.

I have no explanation why it stayed in color mode for the first few nights in “Dusk” mode, then all of the sudden now require “Dark” mode to have low-light color video.


I have the same problem. Was fine the first night then the next night it switched while I was watching it. Then black and white. I can get some color back if I set it to
Night vision off
Otherwise it’s b&w
IR light off and dark give my b&w too

This has suddenly started happening to my v3 too. It has been fine since the install ten days ago, and out of blue the night vision turned b&w. The v3 has been on Auto and Dusk the whole time.

I learned that I could bring back the color night vision by turning it off, then on and then Auto, sometimes repeating this.

@mjm2299 and @jacksan1 , What is your end goal? Do you want the color night mode at all times? Then switch night vision mode off in settings. If the camera is set to night vision mode to auto (or on), and depending on your dusk/dawn settings, if the camera determines the picture is to dark it’ll enable night vision (the black and white picture). Or is the problem that your settings are changing? If reading your replys it looks like it’s just that the picture is changing to b/w from color.

“Color night vision” is more like “color picture at night”. The “night vision mode, on, auto, off and dusk or dawn setting” is what changes your picture to black and white so the IRs can be used. Leave night vision mode to off to stay in color.

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Here is a video that appears to show the IR kicking in when the night vision was set to Auto/Dusk/Far.

What’s strange is that it looks as if the IR came on because there was MORE light, with the flashlight in the video, and then stayed in this mode at 00:13 even when our motion-sensing garage light turned on. With no such extra lights, the mode was non-IR. Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

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I wonder if that was right on the threshold of enabling the night vision mode. Without a histogram graph or any data from what the camera was processing we won’t know for sure. But if it was working as intended, then that is when the Auto/dusk setting turns the picture to b/w from color. Try the Auto/dark setting, then the camera should hold the color picture till the picture gets way darker before switching over. As always, if you do suspect a bug or software problem, contact support and report the issue then they can look into it. Thanks for submitting the video!

Bought 2 of the v3 cameras and they are just b&w at night. Only color in the day.
Just figured somebody exaggerated on the description.
Set to auto too…

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If you want the color at night or when it’s dark, turn off night vision. Or set it to auto, then set the conditions to “dark”, then the black and white night vision won’t come on til really dark.


I have had the same problem. V3 worked fine when purchased showing real nice color at night and any low light conditions. For weeks, only black and white in low light. I did do a chat and as usual, the Wyze staff is super helpful. After re-boots and going on and off the app, still no color at night. It seems like something I will have to live with.
Something is wrong because it seems many have this problem. Many, like me state the camera worked fine at first, so it has the capability to work.

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Welcome to the forums! What is your “night vision” setting? On/auto/off? It should actually be called “color at night” so that it’s not confused with the “night vision” settings (black and white). To get color at night, you need to have “night vision” essentially off. The starlight sensor is the camera does a great job picking up ambient light and showing it in app. To fill color at night you need some ambient lighting, even moonlight will do, you can have a pitch black area. It you have night vision enabled or on, that will show the normal black and white in low light conditions, where the onboard IR lights will help illuminate the view.

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Thank you so much for the response. My thought is, why did color work for me and so many others and then stop. I have had my cameras in auto since day one and for about the first week, night vision was in color. Now, like so many others, it is now black and white.
Just to be clear, I am OK with this. I am not videoing a movie; it is security and images will show up in black and white. It does the job and any images, even in black and white are quite clear. Actually, the images are real good night or day. I searched and found many others had the same issue, so I wanted to inquire.
I have two cameras and both are in areas where there is next to no ambient light. If I shut off night vision, the screen is almost completely dark.

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Do you have any before and after pictures you could share? It could be as easy as the phases of the moon. Where before where it stayed in color at night it was a full moon and the ambient light was brighter, and possibly now where it stays or goes into the black and white night vision there is no moon or a crescent moon causing very very little moon light.

Sorry, no pictures

Is the irr off,all of it

If you mean the infrared night lighting, it is in auto. If I turn it off, yes, the scene will be in color. However, if I had an intruder, I would not have a clear picture. Way too dark. That is why I said, I am OK with the black and white, just somewhat disappointed as it states very clearly on the box of the V3, color night vision. Just as an aside, I find the night vision amazing. I have it set where there are no visible infrared lights and it lights up a very dark area with no visible lighting. Way Cool!