Cam v3 originally displayed color night video, now it only shows in b&w, why?

Your camera is working correctly, add the spotlight, and turn the a irr to off and set the spotlight to motion and your all set thers a huge difference from the V2 to V3,and the zoom in is also crisp and clear…yes the camera can see light that the human eye does not

Thank you for the reply.
I do not want the spotlight. I would rather just have the b&w video.

O well its so small and works great,it was built just for V3 cams we have 1 on each of our outdoor cameras watching the site door

What is auto dark? What is the dusk setting? I’m having the same issue where my cam no longer shows a vivid bright color in low light anymore although it used to. Now I just get blk/wht that is grainy and doesn’t pick up low light well at all anymore.

Turn the irr off

The auto setting allows the v3 to switch to night vision when the ambient light is not enough to get a good image. The ‘color night vision’ is not truly night vision, it just makes use of the ambient light to avoid switching to night vision. If you turn night vision to off it will stay in color but if the ambient light is less the image could get too dark to see.

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Mines switched to black and white after 3 weeks.

When I installed …night mode Auto, IR dark and far …Cameras in color at nights. After 3 full weeks they changed to black and white automatically.
Stop cheating your customers, Wyze.

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There have been some recent changes to the firmware that may have affected the light sensor sensitivity in the cam. It has been noticed by other users and is being reported and pursued. But, the function of the night vision has not changed. It is still:

On = Black and White IR light vision all the time
Off = Color light vision all the time (no IR)
Auto = let the cam decide when to switch into and come out of IR B&W vs Color mode based on surrounding light levels.

It is the third of these, Auto, that I have experienced the cam not wanting to automatically switch out of IR B&W until extremely high light levels. I believe it has to do with coding changes Wyze made in the Starlight Sensor. It was reported in this post:

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When the night vision mode is set to “auto”, the camera will switch from night vision on and off automatically based on available light. When night vision mode is ON, the picture is black and white and the onboard IR illuminators can be used to light the scene. When the night vision mode is OFF, the picture will be in color. With the v3, it has the starlight sensor that helps in all low light situations in both NV modes.

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I have 2 Cam v3. The first one have changed its night mode from Color to B & W, after 3 weeks. I bought 2nd one and it did the same as .
I don’t understand why Cam V3 worked good in first 3 weeks in color mode. It doesn’t make any sense to me about firmware update.
If you want to test, just buy a new Cam V3 and you will know exactly what is going on.

The Firmware is the software installed on the cam to make it work. One of the reasons this may be happening is because the V3 are loaded at the production facility with production firmware. The will then sit and wait to be sold, sometimes for weeks or months. During that time, firmware is updated by Wyze and your new cam is installed with out of date firmware. When you then update that firmware, it gets uploaded to the cam from the Wyze Servers and changes the way the cam behaves.

Make sure your firmware is up to date.

As I stated, there have been recent changes that affect the starlight sensor. In my opinion, this also changed the light threshold required to change the V3 in Auto mode from Black & White to Color.

To test your cam, use the green status symbol in the upper right of the video while in live view.

During daylight starting in Auto, if the picture is in black and white, press the button 1 time. It will cycle to On. There should be no change to the image. Press it one more time and it will cycle to Off. You should hear a faint click of the IR filter retracting and the picture should go to color. If your cam is in light that should be auto switching it to Color IR NV off the next step will confirm if it is the same problem I am experiencing. Press it one more time to switch it back to Auto. If it stays in Color, the cam functions are reacting normally. The problem is the Auto switch threshold measured by the sensor to switch it to IR NV off.

If you start this process in color IR NV Off, you should see a change to Black and White only when switching it to On. Switching it to Off and to Auto should return it to color.


If you want the cam to stay in color 24\7, leave the setting to OFF.

@ctp7951, I have posted this issue to this month’s Fix-it Friday thread.

If you are still experiencing this issue, feel free to follow the link, like the post with a heart coin, and add your experience in a reply post (if you are so inclined).