Night Mode (not color) Doesn't Turn Off

My color night vision gets washed out by my neighbor’s lights. (That and I think my cameras are starting to get blurry.) When I use the old night vision (grayscale) it looks great. However, to turn it on I have to manually set it to on, but then during the day it won’t switch off. Is there any way for it to automatically switch back during daylight hours, but switch to grayscale night vision at night? So I’m basically asking if there is a way to set it to auto, but color night vision is disabled.

Are you not seeing the automatic setting or is it simply not working for you?

Color night vision is used when “Night Vision Mode” is set to off, black & white is always used when set to on, and should operate as you want when set to auto.

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The v3 is really good at night or in low light conditions. Your neighboors light may be so bright that the camera still thinks it’s light enough to remain in a “night vision mode” off state. Have you played around with the dusk and dawn settings? Those are two settings that tell the camera when to turn to NV mode, one is when it’s a little lighter out and one is when it’s a little darker out.

Able to post a picture of the camera view with the neighbours light on?