Cam-v3 cam-v2 connection problems

Over a period of 2 o 3 years I have purchased 14 wyze cameras, 2 cam-v3 and 12 cam-v2 cameras. I consistently have problems getting a camera to connect when I go to livestream. Also, when looking at events, I frequently get a “failed to upload” error message. I have a TP-Link mess router (3 units) placed throughout my house (2200 sq ft). I wondered if the problem was my router but I also have two Reolink cameras and never have a problem connecting with them. I am at a point where I must decide whether to continue with Wyze or move on to another system. Any ideas as to why I am having issues connecting with my cameras? Sometimes the problem is resolved by unplugging the power from the cameras and plugging them back in, other times it resolves itself over time. The problem for me is that the cameras are not reliable for security if you cannot connect with them when you need to. I would like to stay with Wyze if I can work out my problems.

What’s your internet upload and download speed?

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What model of the TPLink do you have? I experienced this issue in the past and found out that TPLink has an issue with continual streaming and connectivity when a lot of things are going on. I ended up updating to a newer TPLink and things started to work, I then switched to an ASUS Mesh Network.

Also, do you have Beamforming and Fast Roaming on? In addition, did you turn on Trend Micro Security (Home Shield, I believe now)


I also have experienced this Spam after switching to the tp link deco x60 this week.

I have 6 cameras in a group and a lot of the time my cameras lag , some don’t load , some are really slow to load , and i get error codes .

I didn’t have fast roaming on but I just turned it on . And beam forming was on .

Turn off Beam forming and try that,

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Okay will try it out now

But I leave fast roaming on correct?

And what does beam roaming do? Is it good or bad ??

It will adjust the Mesh so that it can get better coverage where your devices are. However, if your devices don’t support this, then it could cause issues.

Remember, I ultimately went with the ASUS ZenWifi XT8 setup. It is more expensive, but provides a lot of features and seems to have no issues at all. @carverofchoice is using these as well.


@Rulwiz , remember when we were DMing, I mentioned other routers, the ASUS is close to a $400 investment, but it provides the most flexibility and consistent streaming. This is what I was looking for. The TPLinks do work, but, at times, seems to get hung up when there is a lot of activity. But it is still a good Router.


Thanks for your response, my down load speed is 300mbs and upload is 10mbs.

I have the AC1200 Deco M4. Fast roaming is not turned on by Beamforming is turned on. I am not sure what these functions do however. From the reading the description of Fast Roaming, since my cameras are stationary, not sure what the benefit would be. However, I will turn it on and see what happens. I do not see anything in my settings for Trend Micro Security or Home Shield.

Thanks for your help,

Fast roaming is supposed to allow for a faster switching when roaming around the home. Since we are talking about Cameras, this can be turned off. Beamforming as a management of the actual mesh to provide more coverage to where it determines your devices are. Again, since we are talking about cameras, it is not necessarily needing to be on. The other option is to turn off Trend Micro, if it is on and see if things get better. There is a performance impact when it is on.

The M4 is the older model of the TPLink Deco. Although these are good, when you put a load on them they can cause experiences you are having. I had the P7, x20, and x60. I have experienced the same issue as you with each of these, but much less with the x60’s.

I switched to the Asus ZenWiFi Xt8 here is the link, and have not had any issues since. It can keep up with the demand, is a tri-band Mesh setup and provides a lot more features, logs, and reports. Not saying you need to switch, but myself and others have gotten these and like them a lot. @carverofchoice , can you add anything to this as you also have these Routers.

I think the Tri-Band is what makes the difference, especially when you use a WiFi Backhaul instead of an Ethernet Backhaul. The Tri-Band provides for a dedicated Backhaul if needed and used.

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Thanks for the information. I was hoping I would not have to update my router, but that may be the way to solve my problem. I do not understand, however, why I do not have the same problems with my two relink cameras on the same wifi. Also, I have never been able to get the Wyze cameras to work in groups. When I group them together the problem gets even worse.


I know what you mean, I have over 100 items on my network and when I had the TPLink, I would experience sporadic issues. I actually found an article about it, but no resolution. I also had the issue when I was on Video Teleconferences.

I have purchase 5 Wyze cameras over the past few years. 1 V1 to start and 4 V3s. There is one that works as it should. All except one will not recognize the SD cards and one would not reset. Most of them work, but I just tossed the one that would not reset in the trash. I had such hope for these things, but they are unreliable junk (IMHO). I like to take Time-Lapses with them and, despite the annoying interface to do that, most of them won’t do the time-lapses any more. Time for Plan B!

Sorry your having issues with your cams, seems most relate to the SD card right?

Are you using high endurance cards or Wyze brand cards? How long have you had these cards for? Have they ever worked, just randomly stopped? Have you ensured there are no partitions on them?