Cam Plus Subscription future

The other deal (16% off 4 lisenses I believe it was?) should work for you though.

Thanks for the opinion.

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How do you buy a subscription without a cam ? Even on the mobile app, the subscribe button is greyed out…
Damn, each day I’m getting a little more turned off by wyze, looks like it’s a constant jumping through hoops if you don’t live in the USA.

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Go to the Services Page and click Subscribe.

You will need an account set up so that you can log in to have the subscription bound to your account when you purchase it.

If it is a CamPlus subscription, follow this link. If you want CamPlus Unlimited, scroll down the page.

Thanks but it doesn’t work if you don’t have a cam

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A cam isn’t required to purchase a subscription.

There may be issues with subscriptions due to country and international payment, but not due to having a cam installed.

Why would you need a subscription without a cam?

And it’s kinda the same on the mobile app.

I need a subscription before buying a cam because I don’t live in the USA and if I can’t get one, the cam would be useless.

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I apologize for my own ignorance. I was unaware that the services stores had started doing that! You are 100% on point!

Because I already have cams, I never get to see that.

Let me do some checking and get back with you. Hang tight.

I haven’t seen that either, must be a new thing?

Do you have any cams on your account? Make sure your logged into the same account on the website as your Wyze app.

@SlabSlayer : thanks, waiting for the feedback

@IEatBeans : no, I dont have a cam (yet ?), that’s the point, I want to be sure to be able to subscribe even outside the USA, but it doesn’t look promising.
I have the same thing on the android app, subscribe button greyed out, and a recap with 0 cam. I wanted to know if I could at least use google play credits to bypass the foreign credit card check.

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No problem. I have escalated an inquiry into the Wyze policies and procedures that would apply in this situation thru Maven contact channels.

But, it is the weekend @ Wyze, so we may need to wait until Monday to expect a response. I have flagged this thread for follow-up.

Thanks for your patience!

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No response yet ?

That is correct. Still waiting. I will poke again tomorrow if I don’t hear a response. There is still time on the West Coast.

Hi @wam,

Sorry about the delayed response. You are able to purchase Cam Plus from outside the USA, the current catch is you will need a US or Canadian billing address to tie it to. You also do need a camera prior to subscribing. I linked to the FAQ that asks about the location issue.


Ok just gone full circle…
Billing address doesn’t mean anything, are Google play credits available to pay from the mobile app ?

If you purchase a Wyze service In-App via Google, you should be able to pay using any source/method accepted by Google. Please keep in mind that a Wyze service (Cam Plus in your example) purchased in-app via Google (or Apple) is no longer under the purview of Wyze. In order for your Cam Plus subscription to be applied to your cam, you’ll need to ensure that your subscription email address (whatever you use for Google Play) is exactly the same as your Wyze account email address that you use to setup your camera. In addition, any issues you have with your Google-purchased Cam Plus subscription, including but not limited to refunds, subscription cancellation, etc., must be handled via Google or the Google Play Store. For example:


Thanks, that’s good news.
I understand it has some limitations, but why not offering at least paypal (any country account) to subscribe ?
You don’t want to deal with foreign credit cards, ok I get it, you don’t want to ship abroad, ok no problem. But why blacklisting foreign paypal accounts ? Google will be happy to take a fee but I don’t think it’s very logical…

I think you missed the point. If you purchase via Google, your purchase (payment, subscription management, etc.) is all handled by Google, not Wyze. Whatever Google deems acceptable or not acceptable as payment is not under Wyze control.

If you purchase directly from Wyze via the Wyze web storefront, the following is accepted, including PayPal:

For the US:

We accept most major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept Amazon Pay, Paypal, and Klarna.

For Canada:

We accept most major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept Paypal and Klarna. We do not accept Amazon Pay for CA purchases.

Unfortunately, if you are not located (your billing address) in US or Canada, you cannot order directly via the Wyze web storefront. Wyze is not yet equipped for sales outside of the US and Canada.

I don’t work for Wyze. I’m a user like you. I don’t make the rules, I just volunteer to help keep the forum running smoothly and help answer users’ questions. If you’d like to help move this wishlist topic along in order for Wyze to open up direct sales to international users, please comment on and/or vote for this request:


I understand all of that, my point was, they are actively blocking non-US/CAD paypal accounts, which makes no sense at all because there is no downside in accepting them, it’s all handled by paypal.

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Please read through this topic. It may have a solution for you. If you have questions about some of the posts, please reply to the poster in the topic as I am unable to answer or comment on bypassing any policies. You should also vote for the topic:

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